Formula 1 | FIA was ‘too tough’ on Magnussen in Montreal: Grosjean

The FIA ​​was 'too harsh' (...)

After a slight contact with Lewis Hamilton during the first lap of the race in Montreal, Kevin Magnussen saw the front wing of his Haas F1 suffer some superficial damage (see photo). However, it was enough for the FIA ​​race management to wave the black and orange flag at him, forcing the Dane to return to his pits to have the damage repaired.

Esteban Ocon, who was driving behind Magnussen at the start of the race, may have influenced the race direction by saying on the radio that there was a risk that the part would come off and hit a competitor’s helmet.

This stop very early in the race ruined the afternoon of the Dane, who left at the back of the pack after having moved into the top 10 at the start of the Grand Prix. He had also made no secret of his incomprehension after the race, judging that the damage was too low to force him to stop.

Romain Grosjean, his former teammate who now plays in Indycar, supported him: the damage was very superficial and his penalty far too harsh.

« Magnussen’s race was ruined by a black and orange flag. Why? » wondered the Frenchman.

« Of course the front wing could have come apart but it was a small part, and if you really want nothing to happen to the drivers, put an Aeroscreen on them like in Indycar and the flying pieces won’t go banging their headphones. »

« I really wasn’t impressed with that penalty, I think it was very harsh and ruined the race for Kevin, who was already penalized with that damage. And he couldn’t have done anything to avoid it. That was a racing incident. »

« It was a great fight against Lewis until the wing broke, and Kevin’s run with it, so I totally disagree with this penalty. »

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