Formula 1 | FIA backed by F1 teams after Singapore decisions

The FIA ​​supported by the (...)

Torrential rain having appeared shortly before the start of the Singapore Grand Prix, the FIA ​​decided to postpone the start by one hour in order to wait for a lull and possibly to clear some of the stagnant water from the circuit.

In the second part of the event, the track was dry enough for the entire field to fit slick tires and for the race management, judging the level of safety to be sufficient, to allow the activation of the DRS.

And if the sport’s governing body has been strongly criticized by the various Formula 1 players in recent times, this time it is unanimous within the various teams.

McLaren F1 principal Andreas Seidl said postponing the start to clear some of the standing water was the « good thing to do. »

« It obviously helped to use the intermediate tires immediately. I think without that we wouldn’t have been able to start the race safely enough, we would have seen the cars crash and suffer from aquaplaning. »

« I think nobody wants to see that, we don’t want to see that. That’s why I think that decision was the right one. »

Seidl also validated the decision to allow DRS once conditions were deemed safe enough.

« Again, safety comes first and I have no problem with the way it was handled. What’s the point of seeing cars crashing into the barriers? »

“We have the best drivers in these cars and they know how to use them responsibly, but with these difficult conditions there are some parts of the resurfaced circuit which were quite slippery.

Bottas would have liked to have the DRS « a little earlier »

At Alfa Romeo F1, on-track engineering director Xevi Pujolar also agreed with the decision to postpone the start of the race.

« We just had to make sure there was enough time to go the race distance and then figure out if the track was passable or not. »

As for the decision to allow DRS, Pujolar was happy to « let the FIA ​​take care of it. »

« We only use the DRS if they deem the level of security to be sufficient, so we respect their decision. »

For his part, Valtteri Bottas would have liked the DRS to be « allowed a little earlier, » but the Finn also recognized that « The problem was that on the back straight, there was this right-hander which was very wet. »

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