Formula 1 | Ferrari V6 not ‘superior to others’ this season


Carlos Sainz wanted to put into perspective one of the theories of this start to the 2022 season, according to which the Ferrari engine is now well ahead of the other engines, with more than 1000 horsepower, which also helps Haas F1 and Alfa Romeo.

« Our engine is not superior to others, but it is a good engine, » he replies in Saudi Arabia when asked if he thinks the Scuderia’s new V6 can make a difference this year.

« I remind you of something: in Bahrain, Red Bull had more top speed than us and nobody talks about the Honda engine. They had a 5 km/h margin over us.

« So I think we have to talk about the others as well, not just Ferrari. Even Mercedes admitted they had more fins than the others and that’s why they were slower on the straights. »

« Because of the engine development freeze regulations, we have all reached a point of equilibrium. »

According to new Red Bull Power Trains adviser Masashi Yamamoto, former Honda F1 boss, Ferrari is « just slightly ahead » on the power unit of Red Bull Power Trains (ex Honda).

« Mercedes is probably a bit below that and Renault is almost level with Mercedes. »

“Looking at the Aston Martin and Williams teams, it looks a bit difficult for Mercedes while Haas and Alfa Romeo, who have Ferrari engines, had a good run in Bahrain.

« But the reality is that the 4 engines are really very close this year, even more so than in 2021. »


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