Formula 1 | Ferrari: Leclerc ‘still believes in the championship’

Ferrari: Leclerc 'still believes'

Charles Leclerc took advantage of the summer break to breathe, after a difficult start to the season during which the Ferrari driver experienced the joy of success three times, but also a lot of frustration after breakdowns and strategic errors.

He could face a grid penalty for engine parts changes, while the final engine freeze will take place on September 1.

« Emotions have been strong during this first part of the season, ups, downs, ups, downs, and it has been good to have a break to recharge the batteries and prepare for the second part of the season » said Leclerc. « There are only nine races left, which is crazy, and I hope to have the best races possible. »

« The 2020 and 2021 editions were difficult, not just here but everywhere, on all the tracks we went to, we were not competitive. This year it’s a different story and I hope to have a great race here at Spa . »

A three-team fight from Belgium?

The Monegasque is not giving up on his world title hopes, although he is currently 80 points behind Max Verstappen. Leclerc recognizes that it will not be necessary to lose any more points.

« I still believe in the championship of course, it will be a very difficult challenge, but I will believe in it until the end. I think we will take the races one by one as a team. But for sure we We have to try to maximize every opportunity we have in front of us. »

According to him, it is the operational aspect that will make the difference between the teams: « It’s up to whoever will put together the perfect weekend, because between Red Bull and us there is very little. Maybe sometimes we are a little bit stronger, sometimes they are a whole. a little stronger. »

« Now there is also Mercedes coming into the fight, which is a good thing. But at the end of the day, whoever wins is whoever has the best weekend, so that’s where we’re going to find the difference between the two teams, I think. »

Sainz: ‘I feel more at home’

Carlos Sainz is also hoping for a smoother second half of the season, and wants to capitalize on the progress he has made over the season so far. The Spaniard assures that there is no denial within the Scuderia over the lack of results.

« It’s been ups and downs, especially for me, the first three races were tough, but we’ve made a lot of progress and I feel more at home » Sainz said. « Especially recently, we have identified how to progress, we do our analyzes and we are the first to be critical. »

« We are putting things in place to be able to succeed in progressing, objectives for the second half of the season, because the team is perfectly capable of achieving it, I am too and we will continue to improve. »

Sainz has never had success in Belgium, with four retirements in seven appearances and two tenth places as his best result, but he still hopes to win in Belgium: « I have no idea why this track is so bad for me. »

« Before F1, it was the circuit where I had the most success, in all categories. So we will try to improve, and the objective will be to win, as many races as possible, and we We’ll see where it takes us. »

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