Formula 1 | Ferrari figures wind tunnel time bonus at ‘one tenth’

Forgotten, the bad memories of 2020 and the insufficient progress of 2021. From now on, the Ferrari team seems to be the one to beat, and only Red Bull seems able, as at Imola, to go and tickle Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

In the columns of WorldMattia Binotto returned to the genesis of this F1-75 project, so far very successful.

The Italian first confides his joy, more than his surprise, to note, from the first kilometer crossed, that this single-seater was indeed born.

“We had to analyze our weaknesses in terms of behavior, methodology, skills and our tools at the Maranello plant in order to invest in them to improve them. We were under criticism, and sometimes working like this is more of a distraction than a benefit. »

“We realized that F1 behaved as we thought, designed and developed. The car was healthy. That’s what we saw from day one. »

To develop its F1, Ferrari was able to count on a non-negligible advantage: more time in the wind tunnel (5% more compared to Red Bull).

Because after missing the 2020 season and finishing behind Red Bull and Mercedes in 2021, Maranello can count on a few more valuable percentages of wind tunnel runs (see our article).

Mattia Binotto gave a first estimate of this bonus. According to him, he would give  » a tenth «  advantage over the competition from top teams for the moment for Maranello.

“Significant, but not decisive” he continues.

Mekies remains very cautious

Ferrari’s sporting director, Laurent Mekies, believes that nothing is written for this year yet.

The former technical director of the FIA ​​is particularly wary of the comeback of the top teams, which could be very sudden according to him.

“We had the ambition to get back into the fight. The 2022 program started more than two years ago. He was crucial for Ferrari after the very difficult 2020 season. It’s just a waypoint on a marathon. It was expected that the hierarchy would be upset. »

“We remain very vigilant about the ability of our opponents to be even more dangerous than they are today. »

“The second they manage to be more comfortable, it will be a competition of a level of intensity not seen for several years. »

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