Formula 1 | Ferrari: Binotto makes his mea culpa, changes are needed

Ferrari: Binotto makes his mark (...)

Ferrari F1 director Mattia Binotto has acknowledged his team need to improve and make changes to win titles again, admitting finishing behind Mercedes F1 would be painful and the result of too many mistakes .

During the Italian GP weekend, Ferrari chairman John Elkann gave an interview in which he said he had great faith in Binotto, but also stressed that he was not satisfied with their season. The good start turned into a big delay for Red Bull.

« I am fully aware of the task at hand, » says Binotto today.

“If we look at the current season, we know that there are still steps that will be necessary to take to be in a position to win a championship one day.

« Ferrari made a huge development between last season and this one. You have to look back many years to see such development. Overall the team has done a fantastic job in developing the current car, but there are still situations that need to be improved. »

« Reliability already, because reliability has cost us at least a few wins and to win championships you have to be reliable. Also race management, strategy and improved pit stops are needed. »

« During a race weekend you can always make mistakes. Red Bull commits, Mercedes commits. To be perfect is almost impossible, you have to make a decision on the pit wall, under pressure, but we have to be the better so that these errors are no longer so costly. »

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are currently second and fifth in the drivers standings, and Max Verstappen can win the championship at the next race in Singapore.

One of the criticisms leveled at Binotto and Ferrari this season is their reluctance to change despite a well-documented catalog of operational errors, which have made it virtually impossible to beat Red Bull and Max Verstappen for the titles.

« We don’t need to change people, but we definitely need to change some things. The way we communicate, the way we enter the decision-making process…changes are needed, it’s accepted. . »

« Adding value can be necessary, adding people too. But changing people is not a path I want to follow, it’s an old way of approaching problems. »

Ferrari is now much closer to being overtaken by Mercedes in the constructors’ standings (only 35 points ahead) than to catching Red Bull (139 points behind), a scenario which seemed impossible to conceive after the first races.

Asked how he would feel about finishing behind Mercedes, Binotto admits « That would be painful. »

« To come to this, with the way we started the season, it would prove that we haven’t been good enough to improve the car throughout the season. And that there have been too many mistakes. But we are ahead and our intention is to stay ahead of them. »

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