Formula 1 | F1 wouldn’t come to Zandvoort anymore if it was ‘only for the money’

F1 would no longer come to Zandvoort (...)

Last week, Stefano Domenicali warned the historic circuits that their pedigree would not be enough to qualify for a contract extension. The CEO of F1 asks them to meet certain standards, and that is what the Italian Grand Prix intends to do, as Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of the Automobile Club of Italy, explains.

« Domenicali is doing an exceptional job, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint him by not doing what is necessary, what I believe is right » Sticchi Damiani told La Gazzetta dello Sport. « For this we need everyone’s help for clear rules and to maintain the established deadlines, otherwise the Grand Prix is ​​in danger. »

Like many times this year, F1 saw an exceptional popular success in Zandvoort. Domenicali salutes the role of Max Verstappen in this success, but does not forget the other pilots. The Italian explains to De Telegraaf that he gets on well with the Red Bull driver.

« If you look at the popularity, it’s now getting closer to the time of [Michael] Schumacher. And Lewis Hamilton is also immensely popular, of course. As for Max, he is frank and we have a good relationship. He is very important for the whole Formula 1 community. »

Domenicali hopes he can reach an agreement with promoters Zandvoort to keep the Dutch Grand Prix on the F1 calendar. The Italian is annoyed by his critics again saying he will only look at the financial aspect of a possible deal.

« It’s easy to talk like that when you have no responsibility. But when you see the situation here and the limited space for garages and paddock, to name a few, I think we would already be no longer there if it was only a question of money. »

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