Formula 1 | F1 teams no longer ‘complain’ about 2022 rules

F1 general manager Ross Brawn has suggested that the teams should not « complained more » about new regulations for this year despite initial apprehension.

The sport ushers in an era of single-seaters in Formula 1 for the coming season out of a long-term thought-out plan to deliver more exciting races with cars that can follow each other more closely due to revised and corrected aerodynamics. .

The rules apparently took a lot of engineering freedom away from teams, but after unveiling a full-size mockup at Silverstone last year, it quickly became clear that teams would develop different solutions despite these restrictions.

When asked if he can’t wait to see the new F1 cars unveiled, Ross Brawn already admits « to be fascinated ».

« When we started, when the teams first saw the rules, there were moans and complaints that we had taken so many liberties with them. »

“But as they explored it, they realized that there was still a lot of potential. I always took the approach when I was technical director that I had to work in the frame. regulations in force. « 

« Since these are the same rules for everyone, whoever did the best job on the rules is in front of you. That will not change. Today the teams are no longer complaining. »

« So yes, I’m already fascinated because I feel like we’re going to see some very interesting F1 cars. »

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