Formula 1 | F1 teams have wanted to influence the FIA ​​’always’

F1 teams want to influence (...)

Otmar Szafnauer is not surprised that teams are looking to take advantage of regulatory changes. The Alpine F1 director refers to the meeting on porpoising, at which Toto Wolff notably got carried away.

According to the person who reveals that he did not get involved in the tensions, it is completely normal to see teams wanting to take advantage of certain decisions. Szafnauer recalls that this political game of influence with the FIA ​​has always existed.

« I was at the meeting. I was more like inert gas than fuel » Szafnauer said. « In that meeting, I just sat and watched the others, the hydrogens in the room. I was more of a helium. »

« But yeah, you know, everybody is doing what they can to influence the FIA, the FOM to write the rules in a way that suits them, and that’s been going on forever. »

« You know, sometimes it happens in front of the cameras, but most of the time it happens behind the scenes. So we’re all trying to pull the coverage in our own direction, and that’s understandable. »

Netflix cameras captured this moment of great tension, and Szafnauer does not exclude that their presence served as sparks for this rise of nervousness. He does not exclude, without certainty however, that the meeting could have remained calm in an adverse situation.

« I don’t know, the cameras were there so it’s hard to know. If the cameras hadn’t been there, would the same tensions have happened? Maybe, but it’s not a controlled experiment . So it’s hard to know. »

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