Formula 1 | F1 return to South Africa looming for 2024

As Lewis Hamilton had wished until recently, and in order to continue to diversify its markets and conquer new ones, F1 should make its return to Africa and more particularly to Kyalami, in South Africa.

A deal is expected soon, but a South African Grand Prix is ​​not expected to take place until 2024.

The circuit has indeed lost its FIA Grade 1 – since the race is no longer on the calendar in 1993, after the bankruptcy of the promoter, Kyalami has seen its condition deteriorate. Bought in 2014 by the CEO of Porsche in South Africa, Toby Venter, the circuit has been redesigned (with an extended starting straight), while retaining its original cachet (including the right-hander « Sunset of the Esses » .

However, major work is still necessary to obtain Grade 1. In particular the installation of TecPro or clearance zones.

It remains to be seen of course where the FOM would succeed in placing this race on the calendar. Theoretically, F1 will have 2 more Grands Prix already in 2023, in Las Vegas and Shanghai (if the Covid pandemic stops by then in the city, which is now confined). Placing Kyalami in 2024 would undoubtedly require sacrificing historic circuits such as Paul Ricard, Monza or Monaco.

The forgetting of Africa, a page is closing for F1 to become truly global

F1 anyway should return to the African continent to be truly a global sport. What Lewis Hamilton wanted so recently: « Well, we’re pretty much on every other continent, so why not. Ultimately, my ancestors are from there, so it’s important to me personally, and it’s important for the sport to go there. »

“The place that is closest to my heart is to bring a race back to South Africa. I think there are a lot of fans there, and it would be great to highlight how beautiful the country is” he said again last year.

Warren Scheckter, nephew of the 1979 South African world champion, Jody Scheckter, also assured his confidence in the project last year: “Compared to the urban circuit projects that have been identified, the most judicious choice remains Kyalami for its history and for its immediate availability to host this event. » .

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