Formula 1 | F1 objective in 2022: Giovinazzi hopes to have convinced Steiner at Monza

F1 objective in 2022: Giovinazzi (...)

Antonio Giovinazzi can still believe in a return to F1 next year. While Mick Schumacher’s future is still up in the air at Haas, the Italian is on Günther Steiner’s shortlist for a starting contract.

Moreover, Antonio Giovinazzi was in the Haas in EL1 this Friday at Monza. He set the 18th time, 4 tenths behind Kevin Magnussen.

How was this test for him?

“It was a good feeling to be back in an F1 car with these new rules, with the car and the tyres, everything was new, it went well, the comparison with Kevin was good. »

“We could have done better, but there was traffic on my fastest lap. »

“It’s a good start, a big thank you to Haas for this opportunity and to Ferrari, now I’m looking forward to going to Austin, a completely different circuit with high downforce. »

It was also the first time that the driver tested these cars of the new aerodynamic regulations of 2022…

“Yes, for me the biggest difference was the porpoising, on the straights it was quite new. »

“In the first part of the session, I had trouble seeing the reference point for braking. But you have to adapt, and I was struggling at first, but in the end I was better and I’m sure Austin will be better for me. »

“It’s crazy how much downforce the new car has at high speeds, in fact it’s hard to see at Monza because you race with little downforce. So I’m looking forward to racing in Austin and feeling the downforce at high speeds. »

Replacing Schumacher: Giovinazzi’s goal

Antonio Giovinazzi is a candidate to occupy the seat of Mick Schumacher next year (Kevin Magnussen being under contract). He is not shy about it.

“I want to be here next year, for sure, it’s no secret, but it’s not on my hands. »

« So we’ll see what we can do, for now I’m concentrating on doing a good job in these two sessions, one is over, now we have another one at the next Grand Prix. [à Austin]. »

“We saw that this year we had a real silly season. I don’t know what will happen, if before Austin there will be something announced or if it will be after Austin. »

“Like I said before, I know that if I do a good job there is a possibility and a chance, but it’s not in my hands. Let’s see what we can do in Austin next. Here, the team was happy, and so was Guenther. »

Did Günther Steiner tell him a secret before or after the session?

« I haven’t heard from you guys, so for me I’m the first to tell you if there’s anything, but right now I don’t know. »

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