Formula 1 | F1 is in ‘very important negotiations’ with potential sponsors

At the height of its popularity, F1 is very attractive both for promoters (circuits and countries wishing to organize Grands Prix) and for sponsors.

You just have to see the McLaren covered with partners down to the smallest components!

“We have recently made many exciting announcements to drive the future growth of our sport” first recalled Stefano Domenicali, when discussing the busy calendar of F1.

“We have extended the agreements in China until 2025, Singapore until 2028, Abu Dhabi until 2030, Spain until 2026, Bahrain until 2036 and Austin until 2026. Each of these circuits brings something unique to the calendar and we appreciate this long-term partnership. »

What are the relationships forged between Liberty Media and the promoters? Does F1 impose a maximum ticket price? A standardized organization to be respected during the Grands Prix? Specific events? Stefano Domenicali says a little more…

« We think we’re adding value, but the developers know the local market better than anyone, the local interest and of course if you look at what’s happened over the last few events there was a new way dynamic pricing that I would say we’ve seen develop and that’s something that could be interesting for the future. But so far, as far as the model is concerned, it is up to the developer. »

“If you talk about the experience of the Paddock Club, of course, that’s another story. It is something that we manage. Because we know the market and we believe we are presenting our customers with the right price for the level and quality of service we want to provide. »

New sponsors soon to be announced?

If we go from Grand Prix promoters to sponsors, there again, good news is to be expected for F1. In front of investors, Stefano Domenicali pointed out that big announcements could be made soon – while F1, for example, has already signed Aramco as a major sponsor!

“As far as sponsorship is concerned, it is a very active period, with sustained interest and a very large number of ongoing discussions. We should soon announce more details on a number of opportunities that have progressed over the past few weeks. »

“Very important negotiations are underway. We cannot therefore yet anticipate the outcome of these negotiations. Otherwise, we would have. »

What is clear is that F1 never seems to have been so attractive…

“It means we’re doing a really good job and there’s a lot of interest around this platform. As far as we are concerned, as I said, I think in the coming weeks we will see some good news that we can share together. »

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