Formula 1 | F1 fines: who filled the FIA’s coffers in 2022?


Fines in F1: who fulfilled the (...)

Depending on the offenses committed, the FIA ​​regularly imposes fines on drivers and teams alike.

But who has had to take out their wallet the most since the beginning of the year so far? The official F1 website was able to compile the relevant figures.

It appears that it was Sebastian Vettel who was the most financially sanctioned driver, with €35,900 in various fines, for speeding in the pits, or unsafe release.

Above all, €25,000 in fines were imposed on him for his “behaviour during the pilot briefing” at the Austrian Grand Prix, when Vettel had complained about the inconstancy of the marshals on the track limits. Riding a scooter on the track in Melbourne also cost him €5,000.

The 2nd most fined driver is Carlos Sainz with €25,000, followed by Sergio Pérez with €10,600. Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Guanyu Zhou, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, also filled the coffers of the FIA ​​with €10,000 disbursed.

The good students are Alexander Albon with only €1800, and the AlphaTauri drivers, Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda, who only received a fine of €1300 each.

The drivers with the most penalties on the track are…

However, it should be noted that Yuki Tsunoda and Alex Albon, paradoxically, were the drivers who received the most fines for their driving, such as speeding in the pits (Tsunoda in Montreal) or after leaving the track by gaining an advantage (Albon).

So that at the level of total infractions, compiling penalties, reprimands, and fines, it is Yuki Tsunoda and Alexander Albon who occupy the ‘head’ of the classification with 8 misdeeds.

Sebastian Vettel and Guanyu Zhou, with 7 offenses, are barely better off.

The cleanest on the track are Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Mick Schumacher who only committed one violation. Charles Leclerc has two, like Lando Norris, Nicholas Latifi and George Russell.

Team fines

F1 has finally revealed the fines imposed this time on the teams during the weekend.

Only two teams did not come to fill the coffers of the FIA: Haas and Alpine.

AlphaTauri (2600 €) and Williams (1800 €) have also preserved their budget.

The most fined, you still have to get them from Aston Martin F1, which ‘gave’ €41,800 to the FIA.

The Scuderia is 2nd, with in particular a 35,000 € fine in Monaco (embarrassment of a competitor in EL3, Sainz) and a 10,000 € fine in Austria for having broken the rules of assistance to the pilot in closed park (Leclerc ).

Max Verstappen made Red Bull pay at the Red Bull Ring for the same reason (Red Bull is 3rd, with €20,600). McLaren and Mercedes are tied with €10,000 fines each.


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