Formula 1 | F1 drivers and actors defend Mick Schumacher

After the criticism rained down on Mick Schumacher over the weekend as the Haas F1 driver again made a costly mistake, words of support have also arrived. They come in particular from the German press, which supports one of its two representatives in Formula 1, without forgetting to note the dangers he faces.

Der Spiegel called Schumacher a pilot « conscientious, ambitious and sympathetic, but always ground zero ». The n-tv channel noted that « The pressure is mounting and his future in F1 is now in danger. He no longer has the right to make mistakes if he hopes for a longer career »

The tabloid Koln Express even quoted a psychologist who said that this kind of « Great external and internal pressure can cripple even a top athlete like Mick Schumacher. »

The major daily Bild asks about Schumacher: « Why does he make so many mistakes? »

« Keep Believing » by Mick Schumacher

Several F1 drivers and players have thus decided to come to the aid of the German. Besides his mentor and friend Sebastian Vettel, others have defended Schumacher, like Lando Norris.

The McLaren driver commented on Schumacher’s accident on Sunday and recalled that this type of error awaited all competitors: « The truth is that we were all millimeters away from a crash like that every lap. You go over a bump a bit badly, you miss a gear…this race is so intense. »

AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost, who was close to the Schumacher family, commented: « You shouldn’t dismiss Mick too quickly. I continue to believe in him. Don’t forget that Mick won in Formula 3 and Formula 2, it doesn’t happen by chance. »

« Maybe Mick just needs a bit more time, and we should give it to him. It’s only his second season in Formula 1 and we have completely new cars which are difficult to drive. »

Former Mercedes boss Norbert Haug also defended Mick Schumacher, whom he knows well: « He’s learning. And he’s just trying to get the most out of the car. »

« If you turn a few centimeters too soon, it can have serious consequences. Anyway, the team should support him now. If he can undo this blockage in his system, he will score points. »

But the main interested party laughs at the ever-increasing pressure weighing on him: « I don’t care about that and I don’t read the papers. I remain calm and confident, even though I know expectations are high and I will soon have to move up the rankings to silence the critics. »

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