Formula 1 | F1 claims to have ‘the biggest STEM program in the world’

Even though F1 has announced that it will no longer organize dedicated time, in the pre-race protocol, for kneeling ceremonies (which even Lewis Hamilton has understood), it does not intend to let its guard down. on its action for diversity, equality and social issues such as ecology.

In particular, F1 has confirmed and extended its scholarship program to finance the engineering studies of young people from diverse backgrounds (see our article).

In front of investors, Stefano Domenicali recalled the social commitment of F1 – to reassure them also about the image reflected by sport.

« We recently announced the extension of our financial commitment to the Formula 1 Engineering Scholarship Program for underrepresented groups until 2025, as part of our drive to increase diversity within the sport. This program was launched in 2021 with the selection of 10 fellows in the UK and Italy. Their scholarship covers students’ full tuition and living expenses for the duration of their studies. »

“As part of a broader program of diversity and inclusion initiatives, the Formula One Group is also committed to offering apprenticeships and internships across all of its businesses. »

“In anticipation of the Miami Grand Prix, we also launched the STEM F1 in School program also in Miami Gardens. »

“F1 in School is the largest STEM program in the world, present in more than 50 countries and offering a practical interactive experience to develop key skills in engineering and society. »

To promote women in motorsport, Stefano Domenicali is also counting on the W Series, whose exposure will be reinforced this year.

« We are proud to announce that the W Series will continue to support us in eight Formula 1 races in 2022. »

“The series will visit five new locations in 2022, including a foray into Asia. We are convinced of the importance of giving everyone the opportunity to reach the highest level of sport and our partnership with the W Series demonstrates our desire to build greater diversity in Formula 1.”

F1 also committed to ecology

Just as F1 is committed to equality, so is it also committed to ecology, and this through very concrete actions that are found under the hoods of F1 cars.

“Sustainability is a key concern for Formula 1 and many of our promoter partners, who target areas where we can have the greatest environmental and social impact” recalls Stefano Domenicali.

The F1 CEO stresses that fuels in 2026 (for the next generation power unit) will be 100% renewable. The new fuel will even be directly transposable to production cars, in order to convince major manufacturers (like Volkswagen, etc.) to invest in sport with the promise of high profitability.

“Our initiatives can take many forms, including 100% sustainable fuels for the 2026 hybrid engine, renewable energy sources, net-zero carbon emissions targets, reducing environmental footprint, increasing recycling efforts, significant savings on overall energy costs and an extensive collaborative initiative with our promoter partners on event sustainability. »

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