Formula 1 | F1 and games: two linked universes?

F1 and games: two related worlds (...)

Formula 1 is one of the most publicized sporting events along with the Olympics and football. This world of motorsport is evolving thanks to its many increasingly financially significant sponsors. Sports betting is just as important as sponsors. It is possible to bet in several ways, but the one that is the most popular these days is via online gaming casinos! These two very different worlds complement each other more and more, but how?

End of contracts for several sponsors in F1: online casinos taking over?

The world of Formula 1 is gradually being hit by the end of contracts with several of their sponsors.

One of the most important agreements is that of Emirates, the airline of the United Arab Emirates has sponsored F1 since 2013. With a sum of nearly 25 million dollars per year, it is likely that Formula 1 wanted to double this amount , therefore, Emirates has not signed a new contract for the 2023 season.

Many contracts between cryptocurrency and F1 have not been renewed. In particular Ferrari which signed the end of its contracts with Velas and Snapdragon because the team would not have respected its commitments allowing the creation of the NFT. However, cryptocurrency is still mainly present in this motorsport environment. One of the most important lucrative contracts, as explained in this 20minutes sportune article, is the one that the Red Bull racing team has just signed with the Bybit cryptocurrency platform. For an amount of about 150 billion dollars.

However, more and more online gaming casinos allow F1 fans to bet online! Sports betting is growing enormously in the world of automobiles, and sports in general. It is therefore not impossible to see an online gaming casino set up a sponsorship contract with a Formula 1 team.

Online casinos and Formula 1, how are these two worlds linked?

The adrenaline rush that F1 fans can feel in the stands during a race or when betting online to support their favorite teams is very similar. The satisfaction of seeing the team you support win an F1 grand prize is as satisfying as winning the jackpot on online casino bets. You will therefore be able to play without hesitation and with confidence at the best online casinos this year if you cannot go to the Formula 1 races!

These two worlds are therefore intimately linked due to the adrenaline that racing and online betting provide when your F1 driver prefers to win the cup or you win a nice sum of money!

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