Formula 1 | Ecclestone believes Ferrari should recruit Briatore

Bernie Ecclestone would love to see Ferrari at the top of Formula 1 again in the future. The former CEO of the discipline admits to having a soft spot for the Scuderia, and judges that the management board of the Italian manufacturer should take decisions to find a more solid organization chart.

Currently, Mattia Binotto is at the head of the team, assisted by Laurent Mekies. Although Binotto has been maligned, Ferrari’s 2021 season gives him credit. But Ecclestone believes that the Scuderia should employ the best manager possible, without necessarily having any connection with Italy.

« I have my feelings towards Ferrari and have always had them. I am a very big supporter of Ferrari » said the 91-year-old Briton at the Gazzetta dello Sport. « But I think they were really good when they didn’t have all the leadership of the team managed by Italians. »

“Because right now the problem is that everyone thinks they know what to do, and would like to make all the decisions about what to do and how. But at the end of the day, when you think about the period of the team’s success, most people weren’t Italian. « 

« There is nothing wrong with Italians. The problem is that everyone wants to be responsible, which is not possible. One has to be totally responsible and not be influenced by anyone else. other, which is not at all easy. And it is not easy for the current director to be there, I’m sure. « 

And Ecclestone to consider Flavio Briatore as director of the Scuderia, if Ferrari wants to put an Italian at his head: « Flavio would be fantastic, because where Flavio would be good is that he would take the right people from the other teams. »

« He wouldn’t care about their nationality or whatever. And people who wouldn’t do, he would kick them out. So actually it would be a good thing for Ferrari to have Flavio back for a few. years. « 

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