Formula 1 | Driving flexibility, the other big advantage of the V6 Ferrari?

The efficiency of a power unit in F1 is not just a question of horsepower: reliability of course, but also the deployment of energy and the flexibility of driving allowed, are two important points.

But precisely, this year at least, the Maranello V6 seems to have taken precedence over that of Mercedes, and not only in pure power.

Valtteri Bottas, who went from a Mercedes engine to a Ferrari engine at Alfa Romeo, notes the significant differences between the two engines in terms of driving flexibility, and the need for the driver to get a little more involved in the case of the red engine.

“Driving smoothness, for me, is the biggest difference. It is a driving force of Ferrari. »

“Coming out of corners, it feels like it gives more options on what gears to use, etc. I would say that is the big advantage of the Ferrari engine. »

“The deployment of energy and strategy in the race is different in terms of management. »

“I have the impression that with the Ferrari engine, the driver does more things manually than at Mercedes, where there were a lot more automatic modes, like attack or defense. »

“But on the Ferrari side, at least here [chez Alfa Romeo], there is more manual management, more responsibility for the pilot. »

 » That does not bother me. It’s good to manage the battery and all that. »

Charles Leclerc’s recent battle with Max Verstappen could confirm a priori that the Ferrari engine is slightly faster out of corners. Also with faster gear changes, especially in the first gears.

So what about raw engine power? This year Ferrari seems to have the advantage, but does Valtteri Bottas see a difference?

“On engine power, there isn’t a big difference honestly. So that means that Ferrari has made progress compared to last year! »

“In fact, with this car, I feel really comfortable with its mechanical functioning and the way it handles” continues, happy Valtteri Bottas.

“I think it’s also because we were able to set it up to really suit my riding style. »

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