Formula 1 | Domenicali wants less Libre and more points or rewards

Domenicali wants fewer Free and (...)

Formula 1 could cut the number of test sessions it holds during a race weekend from three to one if its CEO Stefano Domenicali’s new proposal wins enough support.

Domenicali told the media this evening in an F1 resumption conference that he foresees a surge « very aggressive » to reduce the number of Libre sessions that take place during Grand Prix weekends and run more sessions that award points or other rewards.

« I think seeing from the fans’ point of view that every day there is something to fight for on the track is very important. I mean, free practice is very interesting for the engineers or for the drivers. But at the At the end of the day, in sport, you have to fight for something. »

“There are already limitations on the calendar to have practice outside of the race weekend, so I will be very aggressive to have a free practice on Friday morning and then every time we go to the track there is will have a reward. »

« People are always connected to F1 to understand what’s going on. So that will be my contribution to the discussion about the future. Whenever we’re on track – with respect to the Sunday race, it always has to be the most important part – there should be something to fight for in terms of points, in terms of rewards. That’s my opinion. »

The goal is still to have six Sprints in 2023

The F1 boss will present his proposal at the next meeting of the F1 Commission, which has the power to approve changes for the 2023 season and send them to the World Motor Sport Council for ratification.

The commission will also discuss potential changes to the existing sprint race format and an increase in the number of such events from three to six, which was blocked by the FIA ​​earlier this year.

« There are reasons why we are working to have six sprint races next year. We are working with the FIA ​​to finalize the details. »

« We are also ready to work on the details to change something on the sprint format and that will be discussed at the next F1 Commission. But at the end of the day, if the people who follow the Grands Prix are happy, the promoters are happy. and the media are satisfied, I would say it should be easy to find in terms of a solution.”

« What we want to discuss at the next F1 Commission is how, let’s say, make corrections to the sprint format to see if there’s anything we can improve or any other ideas. »

« Following what I said, I would like to see any session, apart from the first maybe, reward something. It’s something I really want to discuss with the drivers and the teams and of course with the FIA, because I think it will add the intensity that everyone wants to see when you are on the track. »

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