Formula 1 | Domenicali: Monza must improve its circuit to keep its F1 Grand Prix

Domenicali: Monza must improve (...)

The Monza circuit, which hosts the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, needs to improve its facilities if it wants to retain its place on the Formula 1 calendar in the future.

It is thus an additional historic European event which has received a warning from Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of F1, while many other countries would also like to host the discipline.

« I’m proud that so many countries are contacting us to host F1, » said the Italian at Monza.

« I arrived in Italy last night and went to see a basketball game, and everyone congratulated me for the product that Formula 1 is at the moment. We are sold out until Abu Dhabi. »

The pressure is therefore clearly on Monza, and this after France have already lost their place on the calendar in 2023, while the future of Spa is itself an unknown as the Belgian track has not yet resigned only for next year.

“We have to implement what has been agreed in order to make the venues more comfortable for the public and the teams,” continues Domenicali about Monza.

« I understand that the political and financial crisis may have caused some delays, but we showed our goodwill by making compromises, which we would not have accepted elsewhere. We did this for the good of a Grand Prix which has to stay on schedule. But for that to happen, what we do has to be flawless. »

As the Monza layout celebrates its centenary this weekend, Domenicali says the circuit « will celebrate other anniversaries if Italy is able to put a system in place, » while the work requested by F1 should begin in the « coming months. »

Monza appears anyway on the 2023 calendar which has recently leaked, and which should soon be formalized by the FIA.

Regarding next year’s calendar, Domenicali says there is no « No issues and we don’t expect any surprises. We’re just making some readjustments. »

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