Formula 1 | Domenicali is delighted with the renewed attractiveness of F1


If F1 must accept the departure of Honda at the end of the year, the good news is accumulating for the health of the sport. Arrival of Red Bull Powertrains as a new engine manufacturer, Volkswagen’s interest in F1, but also marked financial consolidation of teams formerly threatened with bankruptcy (such as Racing Point, now Aston Martin F1, or Williams F1) …

In short, especially thanks to capped budgets, F1 is heading in the right sporting and financial direction.

This is the observation that Stefano Domenicali also makes: the boss of the FOM believes that the lights are on green, after the trying period of the coronavirus which almost bankrupted teams like McLaren or Williams.

“We are living in difficult times, but Formula 1 is fortunate to attract investment in all areas. « 

“Aston Martin is an incredible brand, a manufacturer that has the ideal DNA for F1. The fact that such a company invests this level of money in F1 means that Lawrence Stroll believes in our project and believes that F1 is one of the most important pillars on which they will develop their strategy. Stroll has set himself the goal of fighting for the world championship within five years. It’s ambitious, but I think with the level of investment it’s a realistic goal. « 

“We have seen that Red Bull has already committed to building its own engine, with a big investment in the UK. And that’s another sign of real long-term loyalty in the championship. I am grateful for what they have done for F1 and what they continue to do. « 

“And Williams is moving forward with its new owners, Dorilton putting in place the steps to strengthen the future of the team. « 

Rumors of Sauber’s takeover by Andretti also confirm it for Stefano Domenicali: F1 is attractive.

“We hear that there are a lot of interested parties who want to buy teams and that means that F1 as a company is healthy, and that the choices we make, like introducing sustainable fuels and overhauling unity of power are the right strategic technical approach for F1. « 

“We challenge the system with the ambition to create cars that are lighter, can compete against each other and that ring true. This is the direction we want to go and this is what we must have in the future. « 

Another reason that explains the attractiveness of F1 is the thrilling spectacle on the track, and the total suspense that exists for the world title between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, between Mercedes and Red Bull.

And it brings back (mixed) memories to the former boss of Maranello.

“The last time we found ourselves in such a close fight for the championship, I was on the side of the team at Ferrari, the title being played at the last race in 2010 and 2012 – so I know what it means to experience that kind of intensity. « 

“It’s fantastic for Formula 1 to have such an intense fight, but I don’t want to focus just on that, because we have the fight for other positions. McLaren and Ferrari, for example, are fighting hard for third place. And we have battles across the peloton, with the final positions in the constructors’ championship critical for teams regarding their positioning for the future. « 

“I can’t wait to see the next six events as these are six opportunities to see something new and amazing happen in what has been one of those great seasons in F1 so far. « 


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