Formula 1 | Domenicali: F1 ‘will be good’ for Audi and Porsche

Domenicali: F1' will be beneficial

Stefano Domenicali thinks that the new manufacturers who will enter F1 will benefit for their image and their future from the technology that will be the future V6 hybrid fuels.

The CEO of Formula 1 believes that Porsche and Audi, since they are the ones who should arrive by 2026, will be able to focus their communication and their strategic development on a point other than the switch to electric.

« As for new builders coming in, it’s not up to us to say something we shouldn’t say » Domenicali said. « We think it will be beneficial for them, to show that their future strategy is not only electric in terms of mobility, but also to use their technical expertise. »

« It can help them find new ways to be in the market with an average engine and sustainable fuel, which we believe will be much more effective in achieving carbon neutrality.

Domenicali also hopes that the arrival of Porsche and Audi will allow F1 to create an even stronger technological platform for F1, thanks to the new regulations, and the fact that everyone has participated in the development of the regulations.

« And on the other hand, on a sporting level, the more manufacturers we have, the more we can have things that will be seen as independent. So that’s great news. »

« We will see how the situation evolves. The manufacturers will give their decision soon. We hope that our technology platform for the future will be the right one, and time will tell. »

Greg Maffei, CEO of Liberty Media, is happy to attract such big names: « It’s a great validation to see these manufacturers commit, or want to commit. These two brands would be drivers of innovation and promotion, and that can only be good for our sport. »

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