Formula 1 | Domenicali doesn’t see ‘a woman coming to F1 in the next five years’

Domenicali sees 'no (...)

Who will succeed Leila Lombardi, the last woman to compete in a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1976? Obviously, it will be necessary to be a little more patient according to Stefano Domenicali, the president of F1, who promises all the same that the maximum will be done so that the situation changes.

In recent years, efforts have been made to help female drivers make it to F1.

We can of course think of the launch of the W Series in 2019, but even Jamie Chadwick, well placed to win a third consecutive title this year, cannot find a seat in F2 or F3.

Lewis Hamilton, still as involved in the problems of integration and diversity, had himself asked that the 100% female championship offer more outlets for its drivers.

For its part, Alpine F1 recently launched the Rac(H)er program, which aims to drastically increase the percentage of women working for the brand or within its racing teams, as well as the number of female drivers in within his academy.

So what more can F1 do to help more women to be represented according to Domenicali?

« It’s definitely something we’re working on because we think it’s crucial to give women as many opportunities as possible to come to F1. It’s something we’re totally dedicated to, » said the Italian leader.

« We’re trying to figure out how we can, and I don’t want to use the wrong term, but let’s say setting the parameters up so the girls can get to the right age with the right car, because that’s really the key point. »

« We are very happy with our collaboration with the W Series. But we believe that in order for the girls to compete on equal terms with the boys, they must be the same age as them when they start fighting on the track in F3. or in F2. »

« So we’re working on that to see how we can improve the system. And you’ll see action soon. »

Domenicali therefore has no choice but to admit it: it is not tomorrow that we will see a woman become a starter in F1.

« Realistically speaking, and unless a meteorite crashes into Earth, I don’t see a girl coming to Formula 1 in the next five years. »

« It’s very unlikely, I have to be realistic. But we want to put the right parameters in place with the right approach, so that they start competing with the boys at the same age and with the right car. That’s what we are working on. »

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