Formula 1 | Domenicali believes F1 presence in Qatar can help the country progress

Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali is confident that F1’s presence this weekend in Qatar will encourage the country to keep making progress. The fact that he is now in the spotlight of F1 underlines the fact that this country is going in the right direction according to him.

This is the first time that sport has visited this Middle Eastern state and it will be the same in Saudi Arabia in two weeks. Both countries are criticized for their way of respecting human rights.

« As always in life, you cannot claim to change a millennial culture overnight. It would be illogical and irrational, » said Domenicali, believing that Qatar « is on the path to change. »

« But I think that through Formula 1 and sport in general, they can ensure that this progress is made faster than the time normally required. And that is why we are here without any fear and we want to make sure everything is done the right way. « 

The queen discipline of motorsport has in any case been criticized by some observers by going to these countries. But for Domenicali, F1 should one day be recognized for that.

« I believe that within a few years some will recognize the important role that F1 will have played in this important change in our society. »

The Italian leader also said he was in favor of the pilots being free to express their opinions on the situation this weekend. This is for example the case of Lewis Hamilton, who wears a helmet in support of the LGBTQ + movement.

« As you know, we are a platform where pilots are free to say what they think is right and always with respect for each other. »

“In fact, there is nothing new because in our sport we always put diversity, sustainability first, and we also talk about inclusiveness or inclusion through our ‘We Race As One’ message. approach is thus always to be in the respect of the other. « 

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