Formula 1 | Does Gasly finalize his contract with Alpine F1?

Does Gasly finalize his contract (...)

Pierre Gasly reacted today to a video taken from Sunday’s Spa Grand Prix, where he was heard speaking during the drivers’ parade with George Russell and Charles Leclerc about a « working on the final details of the contract ».

Of course it didn’t take long to make the connection between these words and a possible transfer to Alpine F1.

Asked about his statement today in Zandvoort, Gasly explained himself.

« If you have any idea what we were talking about you will probably laugh. I can guarantee you it had nothing to do with Formula 1. »

Gasly adds that Russell was talking about marriage.

« Friends forwarded the video to me and I was kind of laughing about it and was pretty impressed with how a topic can be veered off course. It was funny to see the comments. »

But is there any truth in the possibility of a transfer to Alpine?

« I said it last week, for next year currently I am under contract for AlphaTauri. Everyone is aware of my contract situation. So far nothing has changed. »

« I don’t feel like commenting on anything at the moment. I’m with AlphaTauri, I’m doing my best for AlphaTauri as long as I drive for this team. They offered me my first place in Formula 1, they gave me my first victory. For now, I don’t feel like commenting on anything. As long as I drive for this team, I will always give my 110%. »

We understand that Gasly cannot say more about the discussions behind the scenes.

« All this buzz around my future doesn’t affect me. It’s nothing compared to some of the things I had to deal with earlier in my career. You’re still in the press if it’s for good things or bad things. Some stories are made up of really funny conversations and you’re trending on TikTok for no reason. That’s good. That’s part of being an F1 driver. »

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