Formula 1 | Despite three slaps in a row, Seidl sees glass half full for McLaren F1

While the gap between McLaren and Ferrari was 3.5 points before Mexico, it is now 39.5 points: the triple header which has just ended will undoubtedly have been fatal to hopes for 3rd place in the standings. builders for the Woking team.

However Andreas Seidl, the manager of the McLaren team in F1, continues to see the glass half, or even a quarter, full. According to him, we have to see bigger than this triple-header and remember the overall progress of the team outside of the race circumstances.

« To a certain extent, we also have to accept that the treble in races was difficult for the whole team, scoring four points in three races is obviously painful … »

“But if you also look at what happened, we lost a lot of points, things got out of our way… it was just bad luck and it’s part of the sport we’re in. Again the good thing is we saw that we have a competitive car, we were competitive on the track and the team did a good job, we had some really good pit stops. « 

We can partly agree with Seidl: for example Daniel Ricciardo suffered a collision at turn 1 in Mexico City, and Norris was also very unhappy in Brazil, then punctured in Qatar.

“We would certainly have been 4th or 5th on merit in Qatar, which is why it is even more unfortunate that we had this puncture. After these two unlucky weekends for us in Mexico and Brazil, it would have been good to have a good result regardless of the battle we are having in the constructors’ championship ” Seidl continues.

“Unfortunately with a tire failure we missed that opportunity so the treble didn’t really work in our favor. Sometimes that’s how it is in sports. « 

Now Seidl no longer makes securing 3rd place in the constructors’ standings a real accounting goal – he only hopes his team will continue in the overall good form of 2021 so as not to go on a winter break with doubts.

“For us now it’s about making sure that in the last two races we keep fighting because, as long as it is theoretically possible, we will give everything for the constructors’ championship. But regardless of that, we just want to finish off on a high and get some good results before the winter break. « 

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