Formula 1 | De Vries denies signing F1 contract

Nyck de Vries called claims that he has already signed a contract with a Formula 1 team for 2022 as absurd.

Some were surprised when Williams Mercedes announced a 2022 deal with Red Bull-backed driver Alex Albon.

Most expected Toto Wolff’s influence to allow a deal in favor of the Dutchman, who is the new Formula E champion.

« I understand why Williams chose Alex, » de Vries replies today.

« He has more experience in Formula 1, so I understand why they chose this solution. »

De Vries remains linked to Alfa Romeo, whose boss Frédéric Vasseur has known the 26-year-old driver well since his career in the junior categories. His connection to Mercedes doesn’t make things easy, however, according to Vasseur.

But rumors have it that de Vries may in fact be in talks with Mercedes-linked Aston Martin, as the contract with Sebastian Vettel has yet to be confirmed for 2022.

« I receive many messages and of course I am flattered that my name is mentioned, » de Vries replies.

« It’s also nice to hear someone like Toto Wolff talk about me like this. But I’m also very grateful for the work I do now in Formula E. »

So when asked if he had signed a contract to race in Formula 1 next year, de Vries insisted: « I really have no idea where these kinds of stories come from. They’re all absurd. »

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