Formula 1 | Coulthard is frustrated by a ‘bland’ end of the season

David Coulthard has been frustrated with the outcome of the 2021 F1 season, following an epic fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The Scotsman believes that the FIA ​​has come to disrupt an exceptional duel between the two drivers.

« It was a great sporting moment between two drivers and two fantastic teams and we all wanted it to happen on the race track in an uncontroversial way. » notes the former Formula 1 driver.

“What seemed to have been exemplary driving of Lewis Hamilton, from the lights out to the flag, was devastated by Nicholas Latifi’s crash. It was a silly incident that led to the safety car and then to a sequence of events that none of us had seen before. « 

Coulthard knows that F1 is not just a sport where the best driver wins, since you also have to enjoy a high-performance car. But he regrets that the complex regulations are not applied as clearly as they think they should be.

“We could do it, but because of the technology used, it is not a pure sport where human effort in its purest form collides. The performance of the car matters before the driver even climbs up. inside. »

« The sporting regulations are also very complex. The sequence of events that saw just five cars pass Lewis before the safety car arrived is not something that has happened before. »

« But the FIA ​​has another rule that allows the clerk of the course to override it and make another decision that he thinks is correct, so it all depends on one person. Things need to be clear in the future. « 

« We can’t have debates and commissioners, in the future, looking at this issue hours after the checkered flag has fallen. It’s overall bland for everyone, after what has been a fantastic championship. . « 

“The reality is that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen both deserve this title because they have been exceptional, they have been better than the rest. Unfortunately someone has to lose, but the way it happened in the very last round was a disillusionment for a lot of people. « 

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