Formula 1 | Coulthard: If a driver feels uncomfortable in his F1, let him go


Coulthard: If a pilot feels (...)

Several drivers have complained about the physical consequences of the porpoising caused by F1 ground effects this season, especially after Baku where the phenomenon of rebound had been particularly problematic due to the nature of the circuit.

The FIA ​​thus decided to intervene in Montreal to try to reduce porpoising and rebound, even if it will probably be necessary to wait a few more races to understand exactly what these measures will consist of.

But the fact of seeing pilots complaining continues to divide observers. David Coulthard, who played in F1 from 1994 to 2008, is therefore not kind to the complainants, believing that their place may no longer be in this sport.

« If a pilot feels uncomfortable, or else is worried about the long-term consequences, let them go, » said the Scot without waffling.

« There are a whole bunch of boys and girls who would be very happy to get into your car if you’re not comfortable in it. »

« I think we have to keep in mind that sport doesn’t provide mattresses like in ‘The Princess and the Pea’. If you’re a boxer, you have to accept someone punching you in the face. If you’re footballer, someone will put a spike in the back of your leg. »

« My girlfriend used to play for the Swedish national team, and she has marks on her legs because, as captain and striker, she took hits every game! »

« So we have to see things from a certain perspective: some teams are suffering from it but there will be solutions, at least in part, so adapt. »


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