Formula 1: controversy over wing flexibility will continue, says Mclaren

According to Mclaren Technical Director James Key, the fin flexibility issues experienced last year should continue into 2022. In other words, other complaints and investigations could again punctuate the debates, during certain Formula 1 Grand Prix. Even if, presumably, the sporting powers pay more attention to it than before.

Formula 1: clearer regulations…but not really?

With the new regulations but also the clarification of certain gray areas, the teams’ leeway with regard to the flexibility of the fins should be less important in 2022. However, it will still be possible to exploit the faults of regulations and trying to grab tenths here and there, flirting with the limits of legality. This is, at least, what James Key seems to say:

“I think the sensitivity of aero flex has changed, and I think with these regulations that have been discussed for a long time, we have a good understanding of how to better manage parts that can be flex. Some of these tests are more stringent, the rear wing tests, for example, will be a little bit tougher and some of the things that happened [par le passé] in these areas persist in 2022 but I think there is a lot more attention paid to it.”

“The 2022 front wing is a huge thing but still there are very strict guidelines as to how stiff it is so I think there will always be some tricks to play around but I doubt there is anything. something easily usable. We have a few different parts on the car that may have a certain level of stiffness, which could be exploited legally. So there are various new tools to deal with in 2022. It will probably become something of a problem, I’m sure, but it’s not something the teams or the FIA ​​are overlooking. This is a very clear area where we are very careful to have the right rules” said Mclaren’s Technical Director.

Article published at 8:30 a.m. on 01/30/2022


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