Formula 1 commentator and outstanding driver, Julien Febreau definitely knows how to do everything

If you are F1 fans in France, you cannot ignore Julien Febreau. Emblematic commentator of the Grand Prix on Canal +, he proves that he can also drive.

This weekend, Julien Fébreau was invited to the famous Andros Trophy. A rather special car race since it takes place in a ski resort of Alpes-Maritimes, Isola 2000.

And who says ski resort says snow and ice. Yes, the race takes place on an ice circuit and as much to say that it slips quite a bit. Corn the French commentator will give us a remarkable performance!

Third at the start of this round, he climbs from the start to second place and does not wait to be aggressive. After a few turns, the pair of Jacques Villeneuve in F1 is already in first position.
This is piloting and the commentators will have a hard time recovering from it. Yes, it’s not that easy to comment either …

Comfortable in all circumstances

Definitely Julien Febreau is comfortable regardless of the situation. Whether behind a microphone or behind a steering wheel, it continues to make us experience emotions.

“Speed ​​up, speed up!” This moment has now entered the history of Formula 1 for the French and here, he’s the one who shows us how to run a race.

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