Formula 1 | Capito: Williams F1 considers options other than de Vries or Albon

The second Williams seat next year (alongside Nicholas Latifi and replacing George Russell) has been at the heart of a new controversy since yesterday between Christian Horner and Toto Wolff.

As we have reported to you, the former accuses the latter of blocking the arrival of Alexander Albon at Grove, since Mercedes still equips Williams in power units. But Toto Wolff swore hand on heart that Christian Horner was lying …

Nyck de Vries is also in the race for a seat, probably for Alfa Romeo … but who knows what will happen if Alexander Albon cannot finally go to Williams? Because let us remember, Nyck de Vries is a Mercedes driver, and it would therefore be more logical to see him arrive at Grove.

He could also have yet another twist: Williams could hire a pilot other than Nyck de Vries and Alexander Albon!

In the Spa paddock, Jost Capito, the CEO of Williams, assured us that there was no rush. Besides, the departure of George Russell is not yet official …

“We are not at all pressed for time to choose our drivers. Others are more in a hurry than us. As of yet, there hasn’t been an announcement with George, so we’ll see what options we have in the future. We have a few options and are sorting them out. « 

“It’s a normal business. It’s like that every year when you have to negotiate a contract. There are always a few variations or different interests, but we’ll go with what’s in our best interest, what’s best for us, and what we think is the best fit. Right now we have options and say none of them are bad so we’re pretty relaxed about the situation. « 

If it’s not Nyck de Vries or Alexander Albon, then which driver could Williams hire? Capito confirms the existence of several tracks without giving names (no doubt he thinks of Nico Hülkenberg).

“It’s not just Alex or Nyck, there are a few drivers who are interesting and who can bring something to the team. You have different views on what you can get for the next year. There is nothing good or bad. You can have a driver with F1 experience, it’s never negative, it’s always positive. « 

However, to hear Capito hire an experienced pilot is not a « must » for Williams next year … Exactly, in addition to Vries or Albon, there are also other young people who have the knife between their teeth, like Zhou or Piastri from the Alpine Academy!

“Next year, since the cars are new and everyone has to learn to drive these new cars – you can bring in a beginner, because the gap is smaller, because everyone has to get used to driving. a different car. It’s like driving in a different category. So it’s also an opportunity to bring someone new to F1 with as little risk as possible. We will see how it goes and what the interests are. I think we have several good options. « 

“There are others who have experience in Formula 1 and there are other young drivers who put a lot of effort into entering F1. It’s not just Albon and de Vries, there are plenty of other options. « 

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