Formula 1 | Button refuses to predict the outcome of an ‘exciting’ season

Jenson Button admits to being passionate about the Formula 1 World Championship this year. The fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has the full attention of the former driver, who is impressed by the level of the two protagonists, and fascinated by the uncertainty that reigns.

« It’s exciting, isn’t it? » Button said. « There are two races and eight points left between two of the best drivers in the world that we have seen driving Formula 1 cars. »

“It’s extremely tight, and we don’t know which car will be the fastest in the next race in Jeddah. It’s an exciting circuit from what we’ve seen. It’s very fast, it doesn’t. there will be no room for error, with all the barriers around the track. « 

On the other hand, the 2009 world champion is unable to give a prognosis: « I’m not going to get wet yet, and that’s why it’s great. Actually, I have no idea, both drivers and the teams are doing a great job. »

« It looks like Mercedes has the upper hand at the moment, but the next track is very different. And then obviously there will be Abu Dhabi. We also don’t know what to expect with the track changes. »

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