Formula 1 | Budget overrun: Russell and Leclerc want ‘sanctions’

Budget overrun: Russell and (...)

The subject of the budget cap is again among all the discussions this weekend at Suzuka, as we await the publication of the teams’ financial reports by the FIA ​​on Monday. For George Russell, it is important that the federation and its president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, are intransigent.

« It’s not my job to dive into those details and I’ll just wait to see what the results are on Monday » said the Mercedes F1 driver. « But I know just from our experience at Mercedes how difficult it is to stay within that budget cap. »

« We could bring more performance if we had more money to spend, it’s as simple as that. I trust Mohammed and the FIA ​​to impose an appropriate sanction on whoever is found guilty of the charges against him. « 

A budget sanction seems the minimum for Russell: « It should be fairly straightforward and one would expect the amount that was exceeded to be the amount that will be taken out of next year’s budget, and probably a bit more on top of that, like a punishment. But we’ll wait and see. »

Charles Leclerc joins the Briton and judges that any overtaking will have to be sanctioned: “On our side, of course, if we had more to spend, we would go faster on the track. So if there is a team found guilty of this, they must be punished.

On the other hand, the Ferrari driver is careful not to propose sanctions, insisting only on the fact that there must be: « So what’s the punishment? It’s not me who decides, but she definitely needs to be punished. »

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