Formula 1 | Brundle thinks danger in F1 is a positive thing

Brundle thinks the danger in F1 (...)

Martin Brundle thinks that F1 must offer an impressive spectacle, even if it means having an element of danger. The former rider who spoke out at Suzuka against race direction decisions, particularly with the crane, believes the thrill of risk is also part of what attracts the public.

« Why would you spend a thousand dollars to watch a Formula 1 race if it wasn’t a little scary, a little nervous, and very fast? You wouldn’t. So it’s a scary, dangerous, and dangerous sport. it always will be. And to some extent it always should be. » Brundle said.

The Briton also thinks that the pilots must accept it: « You come to a certain level of peace with yourself when you admit that these kinds of things can happen. You can be hurt. You can be paralyzed, or even killed. »

« So if you can’t handle it and you’re scared, you literally can’t run. Of course, we hope that’s not going to happen. And you think it’s not going to happen. Now I Survived three crashes that I probably shouldn’t have survived. I was lucky. »

« If you look at Ayrton’s crash in 1994 at Imola, we’ve all survived far worse crashes than that. He just had so much bad luck with that piece of suspension, for example. So yeah, I think Fate and that sort of thing. But don’t be scared. »

The absence of fear is a difference maker

Some examples show, according to him, that the pilots are not afraid: « Have you ever seen Mark Webber overtake Fernando Alonso from the outside at Eau Rouge? Worth watching on YouTube. It’s probably one of the bravest things I’ve seen in a car. Formula 1. But no, you shouldn’t be afraid. »

According to him, there is a certain duality in the face of risk in F1. While he agrees with those who believe sport is no reason to die or get injured, he thinks pilots’ ability to defy danger and fear is what sets them apart from normal people.

« I only see myself as a racing driver commenting. I don’t see myself as a broadcaster at all. I just think I’m a driver talking about it, basically. I guess I’ve been through quite a phase difficult where pilots have been injured, and pilots have been killed. »

« I saw my teammate get killed. And even my son has been in two or three races where a driver has been killed, and he’s of the same generation. So you’ve already dealt with the danger of racing. You don’t don’t want to see someone get hurt in the name of sport. But you know, everyone likes to see a big accident, or a spectacular accident. »

« Nobody wants to see someone injured or certainly killed in the name of sport. It makes sense. But at the same time, you have to do something that others couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do. »

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