Formula 1 | Broadcast on Twitch, Drive to Survive live… F1 is looking for new ideas

The 2022 aerodynamic regulations, even if the 2021 season is already very spectacular, are supposed to respond to a contemporary evil of F1, which has struggled to follow each other since 2017.

Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of the FOM, thus defended the contribution of this new regulation by providing concrete figures to support it: for him, it will be day and night for the battles on track next year.

“With the current rules, the aerodynamic disturbance experienced when one car approaches another is spectacular. When you are within three car lengths of the F1 car ahead, you have 75% of the downforce you want; at a car’s length, the downforce decreases noticeably and is only 55%. « 

“With the 2022 car, modeling shows that at three car lengths, an F1 will retain 95% of the downforce and at a car length, this downforce will be 85%. It’s a huge difference and we think it will have a noticeable impact on the track. « 

But it is not only the aerodynamic regulations alone that the FOM could upset soon: the distribution of the Grands Prix could also change.

For example, while F1 is still looking to strengthen its digital presence, why not organize Grand Prix broadcasts on YouTube? Or why not a « Drive to Survive live » which would immerse spectators behind the scenes, and live, of the sport? Stefano Domenicali brings up this hypothesis.

“We have already said that we will continue to monitor the landscape and that we are open to discussions in this area. I would add that there is certainly interest from this market, but at this point I would say that we are in a strong position and expect it to grow stronger. « 

“We have already launched several digital initiatives, such as the Sprint in Brazil available on Twitch and our YouTube broadcast of the German Grand Prix in 2020. So we have shown that we can increase the diversity of our broadcasting offering for fans. « 

“For the Drive to Survive live, this is something that I will discuss with my colleagues” continues Stefano Domenicali, who does not however forget the importance of promoting F1 TV.

“We have seen tremendous growth across all of our digital platforms with an increase in followers year over year, engagement is high and F1 TV continues to perform well. We have also increased the content of F1 TV with more interaction and more choice for viewers. « 

One way to encourage fan engagement would also be to launch a kind of F1 loyalty card: for any purchase of tickets, merchandise or tickets, the user would, for example, receive points to convert into gifts or advantages at the time. given.

“This is another subject which, in my opinion, deserves to be studied in depth. « 

“We are also focusing on customer relationship management and more efficient use of data in our operations, and this idea could help us in that area. « 

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