Formula 1 | Brawn wants definition of F1 floor flexibility

The floor of the new F1 single-seaters is an essential element of the new regulations. In addition to the crucial ground effect it produces, it also allows the air around the sidepods to be redirected towards the rear of the car.

But we also know that this floor and its tunnels cause the famous porpoising of single-seaters, which was one of the great challenges for the teams. The rigidity of the floors is at the origin of these difficulties, and the teams are trying to remedy this with reinforcements between the pontoons and the rear corners of the floor.

For Ross Brawn, former technical director of Benetton, Ferrari and Honda, and current sporting director of F1, this is a sign that the floor will be one of the crucial elements in adapting to these new single-seaters.

“I think the rigidity of the floor will be an important subject, for sure” said Brawn on F1 TV. « It’s always a big topic. And when you get a new set of regulations, teams start to understand what the sensitive areas are from a stiffness perspective. »

« But the sensitivity of these floors is not fully understood yet. I think the FIA ​​is dealing with that with load and stiffness testing, because nothing is infinitely stiff. »

« So saying the floor has to be stiff doesn’t mean anything. It’s about setting load and deflection parameters, and saying that’s what we think is acceptable. And the FIA ​​is well on its way down that path. for the moment. »

Brawn seems to validate the installation of a reinforcement rod

The solution used to stiffen the floor seems to have pre-approval from Brawn himself: “I think what is going to be introduced before the first race is a new support rod on the floor to try and get some stiffness.

« Because teams that have had issues with porpoising, in part because of the challenge of keeping the floor stiff enough, actually want the floor to be stiffer, because some of the porpoising comes from floor movement. So that’s another thing they have to deal with. »

Weight is another issue on these 2022 single-seaters, and Brawn recalls that the increase is above all due to safety reasons: “What has become clear is that hitting the weight limit is going to be quite difficult with these cars.

« There are a lot of new safety initiatives after the terrible accident at Spa a few years ago in F2, the Romain Grosjean accident, and one or two other things. So the weight limit, or the weight of the cars, increased. »

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