Formula 1 | Bottas: The best # 2? You can call me that …

Valtteri Bottas will most certainly leave Mercedes F1 at the end of the year to join another team, Alfa Romeo according to the strongest speculations which could materialize in the days or even hours to come.

He will have to make way for George Russell, very promising at Williams and who will finally have his chance. But the Finn will not have succeeded in realizing his dream of becoming world champion with Mercedes. Worse, as has been the case since his first season with this team, in 2017, Bottas only played second fiddle behind Hamilton.

The Briton also defended Bottas and believed that he would remain the best possible teammate. Because he’s the # 2 best? To this « cash » question, Bottas tries to answer.

“People can call me whatever, I really try to do my job well. I have my own goals. I want to win, but if we’re going to make sure we’re a strong team, I have to do whatever I can to get the most points. « 

« You can call me like that, the best No. 2, but in the end I don’t really think about it. It’s not easy to accept when you enter a new season, when you have big goals, that we fight for ourselves and that it does not work. It is not easy but it is Formula 1. « 

Bottas no longer really hides his resignation, a sign that he is going to leave Mercedes for other adventures. But he wants at least to end the adventure in style. With a few more victories.

“It’s more positive now. Since Silverstone we’ve managed to gain a bit of performance and it’s very close with Red Bull. Maybe they’re even slightly better than I expected. It’s always going to be very close, and it’s going to be played on the margins. Track after track, it can be a little different, I want to be there if possible to win a few races. That’s my goal. « 

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