Formula 1 | Bottas offers idea for more intense F1 weekends

Bottas proposes an idea for (...)

Recently, Stefano Domenucali explained that F1 should try to make its tests more interesting, even if it means giving points from EL2. Formula 1 CEO Valtteri Bottas

« I don’t think we need Sprints every weekend, just less practice and more action » note Bottas. “Currently, if I had to choose Sprint or not Sprint, I would say Sprint because we are immediately in action on Fridays.

The Alfa Romeo F1 driver thinks it would be possible to remove a free practice session, recalling that that of Saturday morning during Sprint weekends is not the most useful.

« We haven’t really discussed it, but it’s true. There’s still a chance to learn with the long stints, but you can’t change the settings anymore, so we could have a two-day weekend. with tests, qualifications, race. »

« I’m sure there’s a reason why it’s a three-day weekend. But I don’t know, we could practice on Friday evening and then be straight into action on Saturday morning. »

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