Formula 1 | Bottas explains why he chose Alfa Romeo over Williams

Valtteri Bottas explained why he decided to join Alfa Romeo in 2022 rather than return to Williams.

After his five years with Mercedes F1 ended, the Finn admitted that one of his possible options for the future was to drive for Williams again.

He made his F1 debut for the team in 2013 and stayed there until he was called up to replace Nico Rosberg at Mercedes in 2017.

When asked if there was an option to stay with a Mercedes-powered team in 2022, Bottas said: « Yes, there was. There was an option. »

« For me realistically and thinking long term at this point, with few options, it was either Williams or Alfa Romeo. »

Bottas admits it wasn’t a simple choice but he had a good feeling about going to Alfa Romeo.

“It was not an easy decision. I tried to take as much information as possible from both sides, and at the same time listen to my intuition. Just based on the decision, on the information that I ‘had. »

« It was not easy. I really feel like Williams is on the rise now. I think they have a good future. »

« But somehow I felt Alfa was the right decision for me. »

Bottas will discover Ferrari engines in Formula 1.

“It was kind of nice to think that I’m going when deciding that I’m going to switch to an engine other than the Mercedes. And therefore no longer have a connection to Mercedes. It’s completely new, something completely different for me. . « 

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