Formula 1 | Bloody Ticktum ‘opened his mouth too often’ for ‘political and unfair’ F1

Dan Ticktum never really calmed down after his two-year ban from motorsport (for having intentionally run into a competitor during a safety car period, in MSA Formula). It was 2015 and since then the British hope has seen a few more bloody moments.

The pure performance was more there for him (victory in Macao on two occasions in particular), but not enough to compensate for his bad moves. In particular, Ticktum was ousted from the Red Bull program and then the Williams junior program after publicly criticizing Nicholas Latifi (on Twitch) for calling him a paid driver. The explanation was never officially put forward by Williams; but we can imagine that the contemporaneity of the two events is not mistaken.

While only one seat remains free in F1 for next year, that of Alfa Romeo, Ticktum is realistic: it will not be for him and his turn is over, especially after his ouster from Grove. How does he explain it today?

“I can’t give details on why we broke up. There are a number of reasons, to be honest it’s not for me to talk about. « 

“However, there wouldn’t have been a shuttlecock for me next year anyway with Latifi extending his contract. « 

“I don’t really know how to answer this question. Obviously, this is very disappointing. My chances of getting into Formula 1 have practically disappeared, unfortunately that is the reality. « 

Does Ticktum think that his fate is his doing, especially because of his bloodstains or his performance on the track (he does not particularly shine against Guanyu Zhou or Piastri)? Yes: well, the young person makes his self-criticism and it is quite realistic or rude, it is depending.

“Our sport is very political and quite unfair. Sometimes the best or the most talented drivers don’t make it to the top. « 

« Whether it’s my fault or not… yes, I’ve opened my mouth way too many times and said things I shouldn’t have said. But I am who I am. I don’t really fit the mold of the modern Formula 1 driver, which is pretty depressing but that’s life. « 

“I’m pretty sad that I parted ways with Williams. You should never say never, I’m a very fast driver, maybe there will be a way to get back to Formula 1 one day, but it doesn’t look promising. « 

“I don’t know many other young drivers who get kicked out of two programs (Red Bull and Williams). It sounds harsh, but that’s what happened. Whether this is totally justified in both cases, I can still debate. Here we are. « 

“I haven’t been someone who seems to be really employable in Formula 1 unfortunately. Yes, I’m changing, and I think I’m getting closer to that every day. But unfortunately, I think I’ve probably burned my chances now. « 

Does Ticktum have plans B for next year? Will he be able to remain even a professional driver if he does not find a place in DTM, endurance or elsewhere?

“I don’t know what I’m going to do next year. We’ll see where I end up. « 

“I hope I have some good opportunities and I’m sure I can be of great use to another F1 team or someone else, we’ll see. « 

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