Formula 1 | Binotto hails Domenicali’s work at the helm of F1

Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto has praised one of his predecessors at the helm of Scuderia.

Stefano Domenicali took over from Chase Carey at the head of the FOM, on behalf of Liberty Media. The Italian was able to manage this handover without any problem.

« He’s doing very well, » comments Mattia Binotto when asked what he thinks of this 1st season for Domenicali in this post.

« Stefano was a fit for this role and I think Liberty Media is doing very well as well. Since the F1 era started under Liberty Media, they’ve improved the show a lot and the way we present it to the fans, no only in terms of distribution, but also on social networks, etc. « 

« We have certainly stepped up the level of communication between F1 and the fans, and the way we engage with them. Stefano, after just a year, is working very well on all of these topics. »

« It’s not easy for him after Chase to keep that level because Chase has done a fantastic job. But I know Stefano and I’m pretty sure in the future he will continue just as well. »

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