Formula 1 | Binotto explains how Ferrari was able to get back to this level in F1

Binotto explains how Ferrari (...)

Mattia Binotto is finally enjoying a very competitive first F1 season with Scuderia Ferrari as team principal, a year when the Italian team seems to have the tools for world titles.

Even if the 2022 season is currently turning to Red Bull’s advantage in terms of points, we feel that Ferrari and its F1-75 would only need a little more success to beat the RB18. A reliability problem in Barcelona, ​​capricious weather and a risky strategy in Monaco deprived Charles Leclerc of two comfortable victories.

How did Ferrari finally manage to return to the top in Formula 1, after years of waiting and dashed hopes like in 2018 or 2019?

« It’s an interesting question but also a difficult one, » replies the Italian, explaining that there is more on the side of the transformation of the team than on the technical side.

« The good reasons don’t come from the technical aspect, that we changed the engine, and we improved our aerodynamics. It’s only the consequence of the construction of the team necessary to win. »

« Because that’s what it’s all about. The efforts since 2017 have been step by step to build the right team. And with the right team, you can achieve the goals and the targets. Everything is a matter of team. »

“As a team, we had already proven that we had a good level of creativity and were capable of interpreting new rules,” he nuances.

« And some cars we made were good, except in 2020. The base, in terms of concept and idea. Indeed, in the following years other teams copied our solutions. »

« When I took on the role of team manager, I said it was a very young team. It wasn’t that we were young in terms of age – I was 50 at the time. era. But we were young in our roles. We had to build the experience. »

« What we were missing in 2017, 2018 and 2019 was that we weren’t able to develop the car.

« In 2017, we had reliability problems, we had problems with our drivers, but we also had a team that was not strong enough in terms of culture and mentality. And on top of that, we didn’t have the right tools. simply because we brought developments that did not work as expected. We were good in terms of potential but green in terms of experience and tools. »

However, there was a big black spot, during the winter of 2019-2020, which seems to have shaken the progress of the Scuderia. The FIA ​​announced that it had reached an agreement in private with Ferrari, because « suspicion of the engine not operating within regulations at all times ». Ferrari has always rejected this conclusion.

What can Binotto say about it now?

« It’s in the past, I’d rather not talk about it anymore. However, what we were doing at the time was kind of pushing the line of interpretations. In fact, it was not illegal, or we would have been disqualified. »

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