Formula 1 | Binotto: Developing Ferrari F1-75 ‘will serve next year’

Binotto: Developing the Ferrari (...)

Ferrari appear to have lost both world titles to Red Bull and Max Verstappen this year. The Scuderia continues to develop the F1-75, but Mattia Binotto, its director, explains that the question of abandoning the project to move to the next single-seater does not currently arise.

« Next year’s cars won’t be much different from today’s » notes Binotto. « Now we have stable regulations which are quite prescriptive, and whatever we can figure out or develop this season will serve next year. »

« Understanding the weaknesses and trying to address them is a process that is useful and we will continue to do that. Tire degradation was bad at Spa so if we can improve that over the rest of the season it will be a benefit for next year. »

« And even if the gap with Red Bull at Spa was significant, I know that it will not necessarily be as big in the next races because of the different tracks, and we will always try to fight for the best. »

The performance of the Red Bull RB18 still worries him

Binotto isn’t worried about Monza, Ferrari’s home race, as the team has developed a special package for low-speed circuits. This one was not used in Belgium because of the winding second sector. For other races, the Swiss admits he is very worried about the performance of the Red Bull RB18.

« As for Monza, it’s not the case, because we also had fins with less downforce at Spa, but we didn’t use them because we think it was not the right choice. . »

“Given the degradation of the tires and the high temperatures in the Spa race, as I said, what is more concerning for me is to see that Red Bull was able to run with lower downforce. while having great speed in the mid-sector where you need it. »

« They have both, low drag and lots of downforce. For Monza we will definitely be using another type of fin with less drag, so the speed itself won’t be the issue. But again, For the next races, I think it’s more the overall performance of the Red Bull that is a concern. »

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