Formula 1 | Between pleasure at half mast and danger, Alonso moves away from the Indy 500

Between half-mast pleasure and danger, (...)

Fernando Alonso is about to give up what was his dream a few years ago, namely to win the Indianapolis 500 Miles. The Alpine F1 driver wants to stay in Formula 1 for several more years, and is now making it his priority. The Triple Crown, which he was aiming for after his first start from F1, no longer seems to worry him.

« I feel physically and mentally fresh to continue for a few more years » Alonso told AS. « I don’t know if it will be before or after the summer, but I hope to have some news. »

« As far as Indy is concerned, I had other challenges in mind in 2018 so I decided to take a few years off. Then I felt that with the new regulations it might be a good idea to come back to F1 and try to do well. »

« So I’m not planning for the long term, I’m going by feeling, and now the feeling is that I want to continue for a few more years in F1.

Less fun with the Aeroscreen in IndyCar

He reveals that his attempt at the Indy 500 in 2020 did not turn out to be pleasant, in particular through the fault of the Aeroscreen. This Halo with a protective screen changes the character of the cars, and in particular their ability to surpass themselves. He also admits that danger is a factor.

« It’s less of a goal now, I have to say. The last two attempts at Indy, especially with the Aeroscreen, made me feel the car a bit differently, and speaking with some colleagues there, for sure cars are harder to drive and harder to follow. »

« So it’s less fun. In 2017 there was a lot of overtaking, and I loved that race. There was a little less love in the last couple of years when it was hard to overtake. And there is the danger factor. »

« At the Indy 500, there are a few big crashes every year. Now I’m totally focused on F1. And when I quit F1, I don’t know if I’ll be tempted to try again. This n It’s not a complete no, but I would say it’s less of a project. »

Alonso ‘expected more’ from new F1 regulations

Alonso regrets that the new regulations, which help to surpass themselves on the track, do not help to reduce the gaps between the teams: « The category needs to be more consistent. Following each other and being able to overtake has improved. »

« But there are still huge differences between the teams and that was not the aim of the new rules. If you put a Red Bull or a Ferrari last, they will always be on the podium, as they were. last year with Mercedes. »

« The big challenge in F1 is that, even with the cost reduction, budget cap and standardized parts, it’s still the only category with a two-second difference between first and 12th place. »

In this regard, he admits a disappointment with the 2022 regulations: « The rules? I probably expected a little more, to have more balance between the teams, more possibilities for the different teams to perform. There are always only two teams that can win races. « 

« But I have to say those two teams were pretty good at getting those results. There was a shake-up of everything about performance, and they did a better job than the others, so at least they took that opportunity and it seems we haven’t fully grasped it. »

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