Formula 1 | Between Hamilton and Verstappen, it will be 50-50 according to Horner

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will fight for the world title together this season until the last race, and it is not yet possible to say who will win.

This is the prediction of Christian Horner, director of Red Bull Racing, who would obviously like his driver to win.

« Max has made a good impression in every race this year, even though the results were sometimes not quite the end of the road. So we know we can count on him on any type of circuit. But also on any circuit. conditon. Although he started from the back of the grid in the Russian Grand Prix, he finished second. « 

“We still have seven races to go, there will still be almost as many exciting races to come. It will probably go all the way to the final in Abu Dhabi. Now to tell you which Max or Lewis will win, I answer that it’s 50-50 at this stage and it may be until the last Grand Prix then. « 

Does Horner expect a disruptive element in this championship, McLaren to name it? At Monza and Sochi, the Woking single-seaters greatly influenced the points awarded at the two championships.

“I don’t know. They have a car that has been very strong on these two circuits but less so on some. There is also a positive momentum effect in team form. McLaren generally has a good car and a powerful engine, plus two exceptionally talented drivers and a great team. It’s no big surprise that McLaren can come back to the front on particular circuits. « 

« But their package still lacks consistency. In some races, Ferrari is back in front. And overall, Mercedes and we are always faster over the season. »

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