Formula 1 | Barcelona F1 testing covered in full

The various guidelines and restrictions that F1 is imposing for its first winter testing of the 2022 season are slowly starting to become clearer, and with them our leeway on how to cover future testing.

The good news is that despite the absence of fans and video coverage, Barcelona testing will already give us a great glimpse of what Formula 1 will be like in 2022, with its all-new single-seaters.

With the exception of Alfa Romeo F1, which will have a provisional livery, all the teams will normally bring their new car with the new colors. And from our side, we will be able to bring you absolute coverage of these three days.

We will thus be able to offer you maximum coverage of these three test days, from February 23 to 25, during which you will be able to discover summaries, at the rate of two per day, of the sessions.

You will also find from morning to evening all the statements of the drivers and teams from Barcelona, ​​and technical analyzes of the new cars, which we will discover for the first time on the track and in a real version.

In addition, we will publish from the morning of the first day hundreds of photos. Over the three days, Nextgen-Auto will, as always, bring you the most comprehensive photo gallery of all the F1 sites with thousands of photos.

F1 also restricts Bahrain testing

But the official communication of F1 is still particularly vague, with this ban on the public in Barcelona. Especially since we learned today that the Bahrain circuit would only be open during the last two days out of the three.

Official pre-season testing, with coverage via F1 TV, will take place from March 10-12 in Bahrain. During these three days, we will also be on deck to make you experience this last rehearsal before the season, with a device that we will specify later.

One can imagine that the first day will serve as a launch ceremony for the season, which will obviously be broadcast, which would explain the ban on an audience on site, who could take photos and videos.

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