Formula 1 | Audi set to confirm F1 plans at Belgian GP

Audi is preparing to confirm its (...)

At Spa-Francorchamps this weekend, we could see Audi’s confirmation that the VW-owned German premium carmaker is indeed entering Formula 1 in 2026.

Sources report that Audi is finally set to announce it is taking over Swiss company Sauber with a majority buyout of the team currently racing on behalf of Alfa Romeo. According to these sources, Audi would buy between 51 and 75% of the team, the current owner (Finn Rausing) wishing to remain in the capital of Sauber Motorsport.

The chassis would continue to be developed in Hinwil, while the Audi engine would be produced directly at Audi Motorsport. Former FIA safety director Adam Baker, an Australian, is tipped to be one of Audi’s top handlers for the Formula 1 project.

Gerhard Berger played a role in Audi’s F1 negotiations but not on the deal with Sauber.

He admitted that he initially pitched McLaren to the German marque, with those talks failing to result in an agreement.

« I don’t have a consultancy contract in Formula 1 with Audi, » The former BMW motorsport director and current DTM series boss told Motorsport-total.

« I have no close relationship with Sauber and very few contacts. I was not involved in any discussions between Sauber and Audi. »

After Audi’s expected announcement at the Belgian GP, ​​Porsche is set to follow with a 50% joint venture with Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Powertrains.

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