Formula 1 | At Zandvoort, Ferrari knows it will have to manage the tires much better than at Spa

At Zandvoort, Ferrari knows that it

After another disappointment at Spa, Ferrari must once again raise the bar this weekend, at Zandvoort.

While Red Bull have moved away in terms of pure performance, and Mercedes have come closer, Maranello is however hoping for the best on paper in the Netherlands.

As Ferrari’s head of vehicle performance Marco Adurno explains, the challenges at Zandvoort are a far cry from those at Spa.

“This circuit now has a completely different layout to that used in the 80s, when the Grand Prix was a fixture on the calendar (until 1985). »

“It now features a long sequence of medium and high speed corners which are very demanding on the car and the driver. The steep drop in some corners is a unique feature, with turns 3 and 14 banked at no less than 16 degrees. »

One of Zandvoort’s major difficulties is tire management, an area where Ferrari suffered at Spa. What in particular can Adurno say about this tire challenge?

“The characteristics of the track mean it’s very hard on the tyres, especially the front tyres. The key to qualifying is to run with high levels of aerodynamic balance through medium and high speed corners, without compromising the stability of the car. »

“When it comes to racing, then you are looking for the right compromise between a set-up configuration that is gentle on the tyres, but allows the rider to use them as he wishes. »

On a more personal note, Adurno finally confides why straightening out the Scuderia is particularly close to his heart.

“My passion dates back to my childhood, when I watched Formula 1 in the arms of my father and dreamed of one day being part of this world of F1. It remained a dream until 2007, when I had the opportunity to join an English team [Red Bull, ndlr]which put me on the right track to fulfill my desire to join Scuderia Ferrari, which I did in 2019.”

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