Formula 1: at Ferrari, we are ready to offer an additional contract to Sainz

We had already mentioned it previously, Carlos Sainz achieved the most convincing integration in a new team, in comparison with Alonso and other Vettels. Since his debut in Formula 1, the Iberian driver has shown the extent of his talent last year by placing ahead of Charles Leclerc in the drivers’ standings and best “of others” (behind the Red Bull drivers and Mercedes). What motivate the Scuderia to renew the person concerned in his functions?

Ferrari: Charles Leclerc, the key to the equation?

At Ferrari, the question of the pilots in the medium term is somewhat thorny. Between a Charles Leclerc supposedly natural leader and the probable promotion of a Mick Schumacher, it is difficult to know what the Scuderia duo will be beyond 2022. Knowing that this will depend a lot on the performance of the Italian car. Because the Monegasque has an exit clause, which he could well play, in the event of a poor performance by his team.

So, under these conditions, Mattia Binotto undoubtedly wishes to secure the services of at least one of its two current pilots:

«  First, I would like to understand how happy he is. There is a balance sheet [à faire] with him on the season and look to the future together. It will be a simple and easy discussion, without a doubt. You know, when we signed with Carlos, the goal was to have two good drivers who were good riders, consistent and able to score points for the team. I think that’s what we got this season so I’m very proud of both of them. ” said the Ferrari Team Principal, via the official Formula 1 website.

I think, as I have said many times, that we have the best tandem in Formula 1 and in the paddock, and certainly I’m quite happy with what Carlos has done this season. For his very first season with Ferrari, it was not easy or obvious. But we signed with him because we said he was a good, consistent runner, always scoring good points. I think he’s a good student too, because over the season he’s improved, and I think the end of the season is his best part of the whole season.“.

So, should there be an announcement before the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season? To be continued…

Article published on 01/08/2022 at 8:35 am

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